About Us

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Our Company

EcUtopia was founded in 2011 by EDI experts and has grown with the supplement of highly experienced, customer focused professionals, who do the job right. We have taken our 200 plus years of combined leadership experience in retail software solutions to build an easy to use, easy to deploy, cloud-based supply chain management solution. Our laser focus on the problems of the small to medium business, allows us to remove obstacles and decrease the steps it takes to get the job done. Our solutions are user friendly and available, so our customers can easily adapt and get the highest value for their time and money. We built EDI’s ERP with the idea of being easy to business with allows for growth and benefit for all parties involved. Being easy to work with is our method, mutual success is our goal!

Expect More Than Just EDI. Expect Easy EDI!

Our clients are the reason we exist and we get that! We listen to our customers. We focus on understanding their needs. We use our skills to translate customer needs into technology solutions that improve their ability to efficiently do business. At ecUtopia, you can expect a focus on being easy to do business with and developing and delivering solutions that are easy to use and have unquestioned reliability

Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders deserve to see their investment grow over time. However we will not be managed by a spreadsheet. In situations where conflicts arise, we will always do the right thing for our customer. We are not afraid to plan for, invest in and commit to future success. We manage our company’s growth and finances responsibly.

Employees That Just Get It

The employees of ecUtopia are the reason we find and keep clients. Our employees will be the reason that year after year we are the leaders in our category. We recruit the most talented and help them grow in their careers. We provide an environment that rewards hard work and learning, that is balanced with employee commitments to their families, and communities, and that does not tolerate internal politics or discrimination. Our employees thrive on challenge, fun and teamwork.


Teamwork is a requirement for meeting our objectives. Our teams build on customer’s strengths and complement their weaknesses. We achieve much more through teamwork than we do as individuals.

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